Best Role Play Series on Rizzle!

2 min readMar 31, 2021


Rizzle is the home to short vertical videos!

Role-playing is not everyone's cup of tea but those who can do a good role play are the elite members of content creators because they don’t need anyone to collaborate with, they just need a lot of costumes, makeup, imagination, and talent. Rizzle harbors some of the best shows on role-playing with creators going out of the box and create epic shows. The following are some of the best role-playings on Rizzle, check them out!

Pandemic and me

The pandemic was such a hard time for everyone and so many things happened during this time that we never imagined. While we all enjoyed the WFH situations and spent the extra time focusing on hobbies and new skills. The entire situation kind of pushed everyone to some limits and it was not at all attractive. This 12 episode about the pandemic life is so relatable and so funny. So, grab some tissues and watch this series reminiscing the initial lockdown days.

Pursuing my Dreams

Having a dream is easy but pursuing them is not a smooth ride, there are bumps along the way and sometimes huge pits. This show about a weatherman pursuing his dream will have you pursue your dream. This show also comes with amazing acting and hilarious dialogues and the weirdest and funniest thing about this show is the uncanny Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice. So, wait no more and go watch this on Rizzle.

Tyler is Groce

Disclaimer: This show is not for sensible people who get offended easily. But for those who can take dark humor jokes, this show is a must-watch. From racist jokes to religious jokes, there is no line of control. It is pure comedy if you watch it from a parody point of view and not from anything else. After watching the entire show you will realize why “Tyler is Groce”!

Walking Thoughts

Do you talk to yourself when you are walking to a place and you see things that surround you? Sometimes we just see something and starts a chain of thoughts in our head. Well, this series is all about that conversation that we have in our heads and it is relatable and funny at the same time.

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