Desi Fusion

3 min readJan 14, 2021


Here are some series on Rizzle in which every single desi who has a sibling, a typical desi mother, a UPSC aspirant friend, or family, or knows a desi couple will be able to relate. The series will hit right on the heart and they are very short series so you will be able to finish them off in one sitting. So, take that break from work and sit in one cozy corner of the house and enjoy the next few minutes of your life.

Typical Bhartiya Mom
Here is a series that every desi kids will relate to completely. If you have read the title you already know the content of the series. And yes, it is about Desi or Bharatiya moms. Everyone has a different childhood with different memories and experiences but in all the memories a mom’s role seems to be the same in every story. In this very relatable mini-series “Typical Bhartiya Mom,” Neha finds it impossible to manage her mom and her needs. For example, if Neha says she’s hungry, her mom says that she’s like a servant slaving in the kitchen the entire day but if Neha suggests ordering food online her mom says it’s unhealthy, you know the daily drama that desi mothers find convenient to overdramatize! So wait no more and watch this relatable series on Rizzle!

Date With IAS Aspirant
They say opposite attracts each other but in this series, the “jodi” is an IAS aspirant and a travel blogger and as expected they are two completely different people. Their personality is different, the way they talk is different, the way they dress is different and they have different life principles and values. They met only because of their parents and their date is nothing like the usual date. With little to none common things about these two individuals, their conversation is surprisingly interesting. Will they agree to the marriage even though they are very different people and give a chance at love or will they decide to just be friends? To know more, get to Rizzle and start watching “Date With IAS Aspirant.”

Brother Vs Sister
Sibling fights are always epic. The single child people won’t be able to relate to this series but you should watch it anyway just in case you were hoping that you have a brother or a sister. This series right here is exactly how having siblings looks like. This series portrays some of the classic “brother vs sister” scenes in a middle-class desi family, like fighting for the remote control in other words cricket vs TV serial or fighting for the bathroom. This series is a fun take on the relation between brother and sister and after watching this series you will feel nostalgic and miss your brother or sister. So, watch this series with your sibling and if they live in a different place now, share this Rizzle series with them!

Pagal Love Birds
When people are in love they do silly things that are either adorable or cringe and there is no in-between. They built their own little work which doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world but for the couple, those things absolutely make sense like fighting over a missed call for hours but make up the fight with something as silly as an ice-cream. In this series called “Pagal Love Birds,” the couple is always on a roller coaster of a ride in their relationship because they would fight like cats and dogs but make up the next minute. They would do stuff like phone each other from the toilet and reciprocate each other love from there. The weirdest thing about this series is that no matter how silly they love birds they are relatable, at least that what I feel. So, be your own judge and watch the series on Rizzle and check if they are relatable to you.