On Marvel Cinematic Universe

MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is one of the best fictional universes ever created. This universe is so vast and beautiful and it is like a heaven for all superhero fans with the exciting timelines, multiple dimensions of the MCU world, and the best of all are an amazing character that they have created which has left a mark in mankind history. Everyone is familiar with the MCU universe and a lot of conversations and arguments happen over them. The following series are some of the best MCU-related series on Rizzle!

With A History Of The Robins

Fans of Robin, Batman, and the DC universe gather around to watch this fact-filled series about Robin. The narrator does an impeccable job at narrating how Robin came into existence and became Batman’s sidekick. Most of the time the storyline in comics and movies focuses on the main hero and a little to no spotlight is given to the sidekick to tell the origin of their story but this series focuses entirely on Robin and the story is rare and beautiful. So, chime in on Rizzle now!

Marvel. What’s Next?

The ending of Marvel phase 3 was bittersweet, with some amazing movies that kept the entire Marvel fans on their toes from infinity stones to Infinity War, Endgame, and beyond. Phase 3 was marvelous and it delivered some great cinematic experience for fans but what’s in store for Phase 4? This series is a rundown on how phase 4 is going to be and the entire series talks about other universes like DC and mutants. So, this is a must-watch series for all superhero fans. Don’t miss out on the fun facts and the exciting insights!

Wandavision Corner

Disclaimer: Do not read further or watch this series if you are watching or planning to watch WandaVision because the series has major spoilers about the show. This series discusses Marvel’s Phase 4 hit show WandaVision and some amazing insights about the history of the show and the timeline. The series discusses each episode chronologically and discusses the characters and theories. If you are a Marvel fan, you are in for a treat with this series.

The MCU Chronologically

There is one issue with this show and the issue is that it is way too short. This show is perfect for someone new to the MCU universe because it talks about the MCU movies chronologically and not according to when the movies were released. So, if you are someone who started watching MCU movies, you better watch this series to understand the timeline of the universe. Even if you are not, it is always fun to watch this kinda show because it is always filled with facts. So, chime in now to watch on Rizzle!

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