Short series to watch in those breaks you take from life

3 min readDec 30, 2020


It’s the holiday season and everyone is busy balancing work and family. But if you miss binge-watching great shows but don’t have time to watch a full-on TV show, you should watch these 4 mini-series on Rizzle. It has romance, friendship, and a whole lot of comedy.

Teri Meri Yaari
Friendship and love can be tricky sometimes especially when there is lust involved. Two childhood best friends faced the biggest threat to their friendship when one of them falls in love with a girl who is in love with his money and not with him. Shivam had a bad feeling about the girl even before Rachit started dating her. But being the good and supportive friend that Shivam is, he cared about his friend’s happiness above anything. The oldest story in the world, their friendship gets sidelined by the new relationship but Shivam still supported his best friend. Something drastic happens on the day that Rachit was about to propose to his girlfriend which makes him see his girlfriend for who she is. Hop on to Rizzle and tune in to “Teri Meri Yaari” for a drama-filled story about friendship. Spoiler! Seeing the friendship between Rachit and Shivam might make you miss your best friend.

Wish Wali Girlfriend
Everyone dreams of meeting a genie that will fulfill all wishes, especially in the love department. The main protagonist of this series gets his wishes fulfilled and he is given three wishes. With a desperate attempt of not wanting to die single, he uses all three wishes one after the other hoping to find the perfect girlfriend. Little did he know that having a girlfriend doesn’t mean that he has a relationship. Without the process of having to build a relationship, he realizes that each relationship fails. But the irony is that he continues using his three wishes to get him the perfect girlfriend. The series gets more interesting as he realizes that his “Wish Wali Girlfriends” are not as perfect as he had imagined. We are left to wonder if he will ultimately give up on having a girlfriend or adjust to one of the girlfriends his wishes have granted him. Watch “Wish Wali Girlfriend” on Rizzle and know more!

Sweety ka job interview
Breakups are never easy but it hurts the most when they mean a lot to you and their value extends beyond a relationship. In Sweety’s situation, her boyfriend was her provider, driver, cook, and her ATM. When her boyfriend breaks up with her,she is left to fend for herself. With zero work experience, she goes to an interview suggested by her friend. The series takes a comic turn when Sweety uses her wit to out beat her competitors and impresses the interviewer with her wit. Sweety’s conversation with the interviewer is perhaps the most comical part of the entire series. It is clearly indicated that Sweety got the job that she wanted unfairly but karma comes for everyone. The final twist in the series hits is the most dramatic way! Tune in to “Sweety ka job interview” on Rizzle now!

Jhandu ki Kabazi
This series is something which everyone will be able to relate to, or at least those who have faced constipation in their life. Yes! You heard that right, this fun-filled mini-series on Rizzle is about a husband facing constipation and his wife trying to help him out. You must be wondering how exactly can another person help when the other person is facing constipation, right? We’ll like every Indian family problem a padosee or a friend always comes up with ways to help. But there is always a downside to following other’s suggestion without proper confirming so binge into “Jhandu ki Kabazi” to know if his problem is actually “released”